December 15, 2010

I wrote a poem because I could not figure out how to get a map on here. Sorry.

The City

The city is gritty, dark, and hard.
The subways rumble on and on.
The rats scurry as the people overflow
Onto the station and up to the show.


Outsiders look up, locals look straight.
The vendors haggle, the hookers wait.
The traffic rushes scornful of the streets
Disfigured and littered with a million moving feet.


And yet the congregations grow.
Worldly masses turn and flow
To money as muslims do to Mecca.
And pilgrims walk amidst the glimpses of gods in Tribeca.

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One Response to “Poetry”

  1.   tmarian100 Says:

    Honestly i like the idea i did something similar but i included a picture as well! The poem is great i like it! It’s pretty easy to put a picture up so don’t worry to much! Either way your work is really good so keep it up! I’m not much of a poet but i can really appreciate it and enjoy it! Hmm i would be curious though to see what the map looks like just cause it would give me a better idea of whats what! But either way good job!

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