The Beverage for Discrimination

November 15, 2010

Lily runs into her mother’s arms after a long day at school. “Don’t wrinkle your dress” her mother says as she puts her down. Lily’s dress is ivory, frilly and has an almond colored sash around the waste. The sleeves are short and have embroidery details around it. It falls to her knees  while a matching almond bow is hidden in her hair. “What happened today at school” her mother asked. “Well, we practiced siting and eating like a lady and worked on handwriting.”

“Good. Gladys will bring you a treat.” Gladys is in the kitchen preparing a snack for Lily. She is a middle age black woman with a plaid scarf around her head. She wears a plaid button down dress with lace around the collar. Her white apron is pressed to perfection, as she a holds a  silver tray with a bottle of Coca cola and three short glasses. “Good afternoon Miss Lily”she says. “Good afternoon Gladys.”

She pours two glasses of coca cola and  hands one to her mother. Lily waits for Gladys to hand her the glass. She is very thirsty and coca cola is her favorite. It is the best drink in the world and she can’t imagine anything that tastes better. “This is the last bottle Miss Fisher. I reckon we also need some eggs.” Gladys says. “Yes go to the market, turn up that radio a bit. ” The broadcaster talked  of trouble in Europe and alliances. It was all foreign to Gladys.

Gladys takes Lily after she finishes her glass to the market. After a short walk, they enter a small store where coco cola bottles are lined up against the wall. Gladys puts four in her basket and gives the cashier 20 cents. They walk down the road and enter a barn where a young black boy is laying on top of hay. “We need a basket Tim” Gladys tells him. Tim runs to the back and reappears with a crochet basket with 5 eggs placed neatly inside. Gladys hands him three coins as he glances at the Coca Cola bottles long fully. His sad face is on the mind of Lily as they head home. “That negro looked sad, I think he wanted some Coca Cola, Lily told her. “Yes, but we are not allowed. He knows that. Don’t you worry your pretty little head with such matters.” she assured her.

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2 Responses to “The Beverage for Discrimination”

  1.   emi8990 Says:

    I found your short story to be quite interesting and a captivating way of promoting Coca Cola. I like how you also incorporated issue of discrimination while promoting a product. Its like you produced two messages at once. Good job.

  2.   tmarian100 Says:

    Not to bad as far as the marketing point goes! Very good way of getting ur point across with the coca cola message! I just wanted to tell you something that i loved! There was this pepsi commercial where jimmy hendrix has to chose between a coke or pepsi and he chooses pepsi i think, but it was all a little marketing ploy, either way having little stories behind the product and doing a product placement seems to get better results then just having a 30 second snap shot of the product, that just gets annoying!

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