Project Progress

November 9, 2010

Unfortunately, I have not made much progress in my final project. I have tried to reach out to a few people at the Unemployment Offices located on Jamaica Ave, but I have been put on hold or my phone calls have not been returned. I anticipated this so I am not deterred at all. I have visited a food pantry which is run by a Baptist church located on South Road, Jamaica Queens. I have talked to Elizabeth Wallace who runs the pantry and talked to a few helpers. The food id given out on Wednesday morning and Friday morning beginning at 7 a.m. It is really heartbreaking to see so many people on line( the line wrapped around the corner) many people with young children with them. Mrs. Wallace told me that some people have lost their jobs that come to pick up the canned goods that they provide. I plan on going back this week to gather comments from a few people who benefit from these services. I hope to really gain an insight on what being unemployed really is like when you have to feed your family and bills are piling up.

I also plan to interview a man that I met catching a cab on Saturday night. I will not mention his name but his story will be very beneficial to my project and can make you count your everyday blessings as you complain about the smallest things.

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2 Responses to “Project Progress”

  1.   tmarian100 Says:

    It’s pretty bleak that you haven’t had much success but all I can say is that your not alone. Believe me if the Fed is having issues with the economy and the issue of employment then you are going to have them as well. It’s really a very hard topic to work with simply because no one knows what to do with it exactly or how to approach it so all I can say is keep on trying. I want to make a comment though on the fact that you use CNN Money. You might want to stay away from that because CNN isn’t that great of a new station for what they specialize in which is defiantly not financial advise. Take a look at Bloomberg, Reuters, and The Financial Times. You’ll find a lot more useful stuff in there!

  2.   emi8990 Says:

    I think its great that you have been able expose yourself to the issue at hand by visiting the food pantry. It is sad to see and hear about the financial struggle people are facing. I encourage you to keep workin, and I know you’ll get a break soon and get some answers to your questions. I also agree with Tim’s cpmment that Bloomberg and Reuters is very useful.

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