I apologize

November 8, 2010

I apologize for being a woman in this time and place.

I apologize for going at a different pace.

I apologize for thinking my wants are my needs.

I apologize for wanting to be weak in the knees.

I apologize for wanting to be held at night.

I apologize for wanting a strong man in my life.

I apologize for wanting to be kissed just right.

I apologize for having dreams of being a good wife.

I’m so sorry that I want you to stay.

Tired of sending you on your way.

I’m sorry for not showing true feelings toward you.

I’m sorry you think I’m a b****, in my defense, you forced me too.

I apologize for wanting a man to rub my headache away.

I apologize for wanting to help you on your stressful days.

I apologize for thinking about what a future would be like for us.

I apologize for wanting someone to share my dreams with.

I apologize for wanting to be someones gift.

I just apologize for wanting to be with you.

I apologize for not wanting to be  baby mama #2

I’m so sorry for being a woman in this time and place.

One day I might land in a place where my needs and wants wont warrant an apology.

Ill find someone to want me: simply for being me.

But until then, I’m sorry.

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3 Responses to “I apologize”

  1.   tmarian100 Says:

    Your poem is really good I like it, I love the way that it rhymes and the word play is really great! The message of the poem though is a nice one I think that portraying yourself as a woman that is strong and independent is refreshing and really a nice read. Overall the poem is great, I liked the beginning of it the most just because you matched your syllable amount really well and it flows nice in the beginning. I’m a real fan of poetry so it’s nice to read something different and new every once in a while. All I can say is keep up the good work!

  2.   C.J. Mohammed-Bujan Says:

    I love this poem , it portrays a woman and her thoughts, It shows how her thoughts are s deep that they even when she may be thinking one thing she conveys another message to the man. The poem shows a stron woman who wants a man but he is not a need in her life. She can do without him but the fact that she wants him is comferting. I love how most of these lines start with “I apologise” or “Im sorry”. The reader can’t help to think if the woman may end up breaking the guys heart. You show the true essence of the woman not holding back one bit and even though you keep saying “sorry” it is a very strong message of feminine power.

  3.   emi8990 Says:

    I love this piece! I love the tone and attitude of the poem. It really gets the message across, and kind of reminds me of myself and some of the thoughts I had in my mind around 2 years ago.I love the rhyme scheme and assertiveness of the poem. My favorite line is the one that says “one day I might find a place where my needs and wants wont warrant an apology…but until then I’m sorry.” Awesome line, I just really felt that I could connect with this poem being a female myself and understanding what its like to be misunderstood at times by those of the male gender. Great job.

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