Poem: Small Extravagances

September 20, 2010

Letting a candle burn for no other reason

than the fact that I enjoy letting it burn

catching from the corner of my eye

as I read

that shivering light growing shorter

as the page turns after page, the waste

a comfort somehow

a small extravagance.

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2 Responses to “Poem: Small Extravagances”

  1.   emi8990 Says:

    What a simple but beautiful poem. You gave the candle such meaning and made it al worthwhile.

  2.   Tim Marian Says:

    great little poem! i like it a lot its short and sweet and gets to the point! it was nice to see how you played with the imagery of the candle and i enjoyed how you ended it, giving the whole thing meaning… great job! 😀

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